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As a passionate branding agency, brand design at Right Hook comes in different shapes and sizes. That is why at Right Hook we aim to brand your business in a creative, yet analytical way. A logo, full corporate identity, brochure design, business cards, digital newsletters or an ebook: branding is the foundations of your business.

Branding is at the forefront of any business and as a branding agency, one of our biggest passions. We LOVE to provide businesses with a brand identity that is remembered and talked about by its customers. We always provide reasoning as to why we think an idea would be a good fit for your business. So, get in touch if your business needs an extra touch of creativity.

What does our branding agency process look like?

As you can imagine with such passion for branding, we have developed our own personal branding process and methodology. Which has been tried and tested on companies of all shapes and sizes. Having helped various industries such as sports, software, manufacturing and everything in between, we’ve found that our process is sturdy and flexible enough to work, no matter what the client is looking to accomplish.

Our process is based on smart thinking and uses meticulous research to gain a comprehensive understanding of your business. As well as a passion for creativity and design.

Steps one and two blend together a research phase that helps establish goals and objectives for your branding project. Step three moves forward with our passion for creative and unique design, using bold ideas that work! Finally, step four is about embedding the brand into your culture. Setting clear brand guidelines for you to use and reviewing the established direction to see if the project was a success.

Our branding agency capabilities

The result of our branding process establishes comprehensive brand guidelines to follow. This can be used across multiple branding services such as a business card, exhibition stand, brochure, flyer and for digital material such as a website, ebook or online campaign. Everything connects seamlessly and follows the consistent brand guidelines that were established.

Our Branding Services

Brand Strategy
Brand Identity
Print Design
Digital Design

Digital Marketing Services

Our digital marketing services range from SEO, PPC, Facebook Ads and Content Marketing.

Web Design & Development

We’ve helped business around the UK with website design and development services that are fully bespoke and built from the ground up.

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