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Search Engine Optimisation (SEO Sheffield company) is the process of improving your visibility in search engines to gather more traffic to your website. When done correctly, SEO can drive more customers to your business in the form of leads – which ultimately means more sales.

We’re aware that most marketers understand the power of SEO. Often, they just don’t have the time or experience available to make a real difference to their website. That where an SEO company like Right Hook can help. With experience offering digital marketing services from our HQ, our team has helped tonnes of ambitious businesses across the UK achieve positive results online.

In a city with over 68,000 companies, ranking your website for a search term on Google within Sheffield has become fierce – extremely tough! Each of these businesses is battling for the top stop in Google for their niche.

In fact, most cities are difficult to rank on Google nowadays. Including London SEO, Newcastle SEO and Durham SEO.

With such an increase in competition, gone are the days when you could rely on building a few extra backlinks and optimising your pages for keywords to rank on the top page. Unfortunately, every Tom, Dick and Harry is doing that, so you won’t see much movement if you take approach. Remember, Sheffield has some high authority competition with the resources in place to ensure they keep ahold of that top spot. So, to get anywhere in ranking your website in Sheffield, you need to take a different approach.

What SEO Sheffield Services Do We Offer?

Site Audit

We do an extensive audit of your website to detect and prioritise all issues that can prevent SEO performance. It’s a great way to understand what you need to do to improve as well as what you’re doing well with your current SEO strategy.

Keyword Research

We deliver extensive Keyword Research in line with your business goals to help find keywords that will drive valuable traffic. Identifying keywords to target is a perfect way to set goals for your SEO campaign.

On-page SEO

We will fix the most important issues on your website in terms of technical SEO and copywriting. Content plays a major role in your search rankings and your ability to target the correct audience.


Backlinks are an important factor when ranking on Google. We will focus on building links from high-quality blogs and websites in the same industry as yourself. We identify potential backlink opportunities and outreach to them on your behalf.

Copywriting & Content Marketing

We will create/or update pages on your website with high-quality SEO optimised content. Content is often undervalued when performing an SEO campaign, but having a quality content marketing strategy could drastically increase your website’s traffic.

Local Sheffield SEO

Perfect for businesses with a physical location. If you’re targeting a specific area or a local audience, local SEO is for you. As an SEO company, we make use of local website service pages as well as Google My Business.

What Does Our Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) Process Involve?

Although we have a process that our SEO company follows, we tend to alter our Search Engine Optimisation process for each client. We do not think that a pre-packaged SEO package can benefit every client. Therefore, our process takes a different approach for each client, based upon the set goals and direction of the project. We start by meeting with your business and building a bespoke campaign that can deliver the desired results you are looking to achieve. We provide our company’s SEO services from our HQ and aim to help drive you more business online.

Want more web traffic?

Want more sales?

Want more leads?

Each of these goals could potentially take a different approach. That is why it is hard to offer a single SEO package that is suitable for each client. Only a bespoke plan tailored around our established approach will achieve the results you want from your website.

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is the process of expanding the amount and quality of traffic that is finding your website via a search engine like Google. Although SEO improvement services are not free, traffic that finds your website via a search engine is referred to as unpaid traffic.

SEO keywords, otherwise known as search queries are the phrases that someone types into a search engine to find a website. Customers search for information on Google using SEO keywords. For example, someone could search “SEO company in Sheffield.”

SEO services range dramatically in cost depending on the type of service you require. Some SEO companies will offer a set price for the services they offer. However, at Right Hook, we don’t feel like this is a possible method to achieve results. Therefore, we tailor our packages depending on the type of service you require. Typically, SEO can cost between £250-£2000 per month and usually has an initial set up fee.

All of the packages we offer are bespoke. Therefore, we don’t have a list of packages that we can show. On the other hand, we do work with businesses of all sizes and industries. So, to answer the question, our SEO services in Sheffield could range from £500-£1,000/month up to £1,500-£5,000/month. If you want to find out more about our SEO packages and what they include – fill out our contact form above.

Although we typically work with clients based in Sheffield, it does not mean we only service SEO in Sheffield. SEO is an online service – increasing the quality of traffic to your website. Meaning we can offer our SEO services to anyone, anywhere. We always try to meet our clients first, but if that is not suitable, we can provide face to face online meetings to discuss your SEO needs.

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We’re a full stack digital agency. Which means we offer a wide range of services for branding, logo design, digital marketing and websites.

About Us

Right Hook is a creative studio based in Sheffield. Our research-driven approach always leads us to achieve a positive return on investment for our clients.

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    What should you be looking for in any SEO team? We think two things: achieving the objectives that were set at the start of the campaign and being completely open about everything that is being done. When it comes to SEO and Sheffield SEO, we’re confident we can get you to the top of search results. For example, we helped a strength and conditioning company, Boxing Science, increase paid memberships by 30% using organic traffic alone. However, we know every industry is different so we don’t let this go to our heads, we hope this can convince you that we are a company to trust when it comes to Sheffield SEO.

    What tactics do we use to rank Sheffield SEO?

    The reason why Google puts much effort into perfecting its algorithms is that it wants its users to have the best possible experience. When someone searches on Google for a query, they want to display the most relevant website that will solve the searcher’s problem. What search engines hate is posting sites that are not relevant to the search query because the algorithm has been fooled using unethical techniques. This means that creating backlinks that are of low quality, spammy, blog comments, forums, or link swapping will only result in a penalty from Google. You may see an increase in the short-term, but when Google notices, you will see all that traffic disappear – OVERNIGHT! Our tactics instead aim to create a content marketing strategy where the aim is to create content that is good enough that people want to link back to it.