8 Free Chrome Extensions For SEO – Catapult Your Rankings

Google Chrome is fantastic, and the range of free Chrome extensions for SEO can help catapult your rankings.

Each extension has a different purpose when performing SEO. Some are made to find keyword rankings. Others point out broken links on a page. Due to the differences, you’ll have to see which free Chrome extension solves your SEO problem.

Not to worry, I’m here today to show you some of the best free SEO tools we use at Right Hook Studio. These eight free Chrome extensions for SEO, when combined, will give you everything you need to get to the top spot on Google.

Let’s get into it!

Extension #1 – Google Tag Assistant

I debated which free Chrome extension to put first on the list, but GTA felt like the right option for SEO agencies. If you’re reviewing a website for a client or jumping on a call with a potential client, it’s essential to know if they have Google Analytics and Google Tag Manager installed. It saves time as you no longer have to search the websites source code manually to find if the tools are installed. 

Short but sweet, Google Tag Assistant should save you some time!

Google Tag Assistant

Extension #2 – Grammarly

Grammarly is a must-have for any content writers (and one that has helped me on multiple occasions). Think of the standard spell check which Microsoft Word uses, but then imagine it on steroids. The free version points out critical grammar, spell checks, and tests for conciseness. If you’re writing large amounts of content in short periods, it’s only natural that you’ll mistake the wrong there, their, and they’re on occasions. 

No one wants the grammar police pointing out mistakes (hopefully their are non in this article).

The free Chrome extension is fantastic, but if you want to take it to the next level, the paid version allows users to specify which writing style they wish to use. Check for plagiarism across more than 16 billion web pages and offers vocabulary enhancement suggestions.


Extension #3 – Keyword Surfer

Keyword Surfer has got to be the fastest way to find search data and perform keyword research direct on Google. When you search for a term on Google, you’ll be able to see the volume of the primary keyword. The related keywords with the search volume and similarity score.

It’s swift and easy to use, so if you want to write an article, search the term first. You’ll stop wasting time creating content for unpopular search terms.

I nearly forgot to mention; Keyword Surfer offers estimated domain-related data. Such as the estimated monthly traffic for the domain in your chosen country. The number of words on the page, an essential factor if you want to rank above them, and the exact amount of search keywords that are on that page.

These metrics will help you plan your content, helping you rank above the top spot.

Keyword Surfer

Extension #4 – FATRANK Keyword Rank Checker

This tool saves me a tonne of time! Simply visit the site you want to check keyword rankings, type in the chosen keyword and FATRANK will spit out the webpage rank on Google – and which URL is ranking. This tool is used by SEO agencies all over the world. 

It’s a straightforward and quick tool to use and does what it says on the tin.

FATRANK – Keyword Rank Checker

Extension #5 – MozBar

Mozbar’s free chrome extension for SEO is an easy way to get advanced data on the move. The tool allows you to quickly check the page and domain authority of a website or webpage. Moz’s Domain Authority metric is commonly used across the SEO world, and although a made-up metric by Moz; it is still beneficial to check the likely hood of ranking a search term.

That’s not all that the free chrome extension does! You can also check and highlight keywords on a page and the different type of links. Followed, No-Followed, External and Internal. Finally, the tool is used to export the search engine results page (SERP) analytics to a CSV file for further analysis.

If used effectively, it’s a robust tool that’ll help your catapult your rankings.


Extension #6 – SEO Quake

SEO Quake is a free Chrome extension by SEMrush. It allows you to review primary metrics from Alexa Rank, Google Index, Bing Index, and more. You can even run an SEO audit of a webpage and check if the site is mobile friendly. 

It has several built-in features which can help with all sorts of mundane SEO tasks. SEO Quake has a SERP bar which shows up underneath the results searched. It gives you detailed metrics – such as social statistics, backlinks and more.

SEO Quake

Extension #7 – SEO Minion

SEO Minion is a lifesaver when it comes to checking for broken links. Broken link building is a fantastic backlink building technique (not one we’ll discuss today). The tool allows you to highlight and check every link on a webpage, to see if they are linking to internal or external pages. Pointing out broken links on a webpage can help speed up your broken backlink campaign.

Nevertheless, links are not the only thing this tool can help point out. You can analyse on-page SEO – the Chrome Extension will examine the HTML of any webpage and display useful information that you can use to optimise the on-page SEO. A crucial factor in increasing your rankings.

SEO Minion

Extension #8 – Hunter IO

If you’re still reading, then trust me, I’ve saved the best till last. 

Hunter IO is a tool I use for backlink outreach. The tool will allow you to find email addresses from any webpage you use it on – with just one click. With the free chrome extension, you’ll be able to see all the contacts which are available from the domain of a website. It’ll tell you the name, job title, social network and phone number of each member of staff. Furthermore, it’ll display a confidence score next to the email address, so you know how likely it is that the details are correct.

The free version of the extension allows up to 50 searches per month – a great way to test the effectiveness of the free chrome extension. If you then decide to upgrade to the paid version, you won’t be disappointed. You can perform automatic email outreach using attributes collected using Hunter IO. 

And don’t get me started on the Google Sheets extension!

Hunter IO


All of the eight free chrome extensions for SEO can be further utilised by upgrading to the paid versions. So, install, test, try, buy, and you’ll be on your way to catapult your website to the top of Google. If there are any other free chrome extensions that you use for SEO, drop me a message, I’ll check them out.

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