Improving branding and traffic for an online membership service

Boxing Science is a team of sport science experts from Sheffield – they created the world’s first website dedicated to sports science in Boxing. Their team of quality sport science practitioners currently work at various levels in the Boxing world, from world champions to amateur prospects.


We’ve worked with Boxing Science for numerous years, helping them with branding projects. An example of our work is below, where we designed a front cover for one of their most popular E-Books. We’ve also helped them with content marketing for their social media, designing carousels that have viral potential.


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We’ve also worked with the team to help increase traffic for their top of the funnel articles using search engine optimisation techniques. These articles are used to build awareness and capture new customers into their mailing list and funnel. Our main goal was to increase qualified traffic, and we achieved this by performing keyword research and mapping them to current blogs and articles. After performing on-page improvements to the articles we saw clicks increase by 40% and impressions increase by 33%.

Facebook Ads

Boxing Science asked us to help them run their yearly Black Friday campaign. We opted to use Facebook Ads to target new audiences and retarget existing customers with a complex funnel. At the start of the campaign, Boxing Science set us a target Return on Ad Spend (ROAS) of 3.

We smashed this figure out the park, achieving a retargeting ROAS of 14.51 and an overall ROAS of 7.92.

Using retargeting ads on Facebook is a fantastic way to bring people who are already interested in your brand back to your website. Forms of retargeting include anyone who has visited your website or a specific page, social media engagement, mailing lists and many more.

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