Boxing Science are a team of sport science experts from Sheffield - they created the world’s first website dedicated to sport science in Boxing. Their team of quality sport science practitioners currently work at various levels of the Boxing World from world champions to amateur prospects.

Our initial step with Boxing Science, was to help them understand the customer experience surrounding their recent product, “Train Like a Champion – Remastered”. We achieved this by creating a customer persona and journey map to help them identify which areas needed to be improved in the future. Another of Boxing Science required services, was help in acquiring data from customers visiting their website; they wanted this to assist with further education of products. Our solution, as Right Hook Studio, was a research driven landing page – this not only solved their problem, it incorporated the customer persona and journey map we’d already created.

Customer persona

Right Hook Studio helped better Boxing Science’s understanding of the types of customers their products needed to cater for: Amateur Boxers and Professional boxers.

Boxing Science Customer Persona

Customer journey map

We created a Customer Journey Map for a product they’d recently launched – this identified the areas they needed to improve on for future products.

Boxing Science Customer Journey Map

Landing page

For the landing page, the brief was clear: improve the structure and content of the new home page and acquire data from the large amount of users that were visiting the site. We made sure the new landing page was responsive and worked on all platforms, creating a simple and engaging, yet practical, user journey.

Social media posts

Finally, we ensured that Boxing Science had methods of attracting new users to the website through the use of exciting and engaging social media posts.

Who did we work for?

Boxing Science


What did we do?

Customer Journey Mapping

UI/UX design

Landing Page

Social media posts