Integrum Services – Case Study

We implemented a pest control marketing strategy for Integrum Services, a pest control company based in London. A very competitive environment for Pay-Per-Click (PPC) and SEO.

Integrum required a brand identity to help them stand out from the crowd; a lead focused website and organic traffic built with Search Engine Optimisation techniques.

Brand Identity

The first step of our pest control marketing strategy for Integrum was to refresh their current branding. A new brand brings a fresh lease of life and excitement for everyone involved in the company. Our inspiration for the brand was based on restoration and solving pest problems; we opted to emphasise the many moving parts of pest control by adding motion to the new logo.

Website Development

Our website design and development approach involved us creating a custom WordPress theme. WordPress allows for significant customisation, which you can see from the responsive and unique layout. All design decisions for the website were chosen with analytical data to back it up, and we placed great importance in making a website that is optimised for leads.


Initially, our SEO services for Integrum Services started with increasing their domain authority and backlink profile. We have built some strong natural backlinks for Integrum and have managed to get them placed on top sites such as Pest Control Technology.

After our initial success, we continued to work closely with Integrum Services to implement many on-page SEO strategies. Our main goal was to improve website content and the overall user experience. The SEO campaign has seen an increase in website impressions of 600% and website clicks of 700% in 6 months.

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