Taking a new approach for an online fitness course

When Strength and Conditioning Course was spun off from its parent gym 5s Fitness it required both a new name and entirely new brand identity. In response, Right Hook created a complete brand identity, including the guidelines, concept, narrative and tone of voice. Furthermore, we’ve also helped Strength and Conditioning increase their student base by over 70% using Facebook Ads.

Brand Identity

Our designs utilised the Snatch – a symbol of Olympic weightlifting – as the key visual to tell the story of how Strength And Conditioning Course makes a difference through its products, courses and people. Then, building a simple but resonating theme around the tagline “Become the expert”, we sought to emphasise how the courses differentiate from the general PT course you will find online.


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Website Development

Our website design involved us creating a bespoke WordPress website. Feel free to visit the site to check out the custom design that we implemented. The thought behind the website was to create a hub for information and content, all with the aim of driving traffic to their teachable learning centre.

strength and conditioning course website

Facebook Ads

Strength and conditioning course provides a range of educational courses to upskill personal trainers. They set us a challenging objective of increasing students who have enrolled in their courses while retaining their Facebook Ads return on ad spend (ROAS).

To achieve such objective we opted to run advertisements across Facebook and Instagram towards a targeted demographic. We created and designed images to be used across the campaign and used ad copy that would appeal to the chosen demographic.

Our client has grown massively since we launched the campaign and has increased the amount of student enrolled on their courses by 70%.

strength and conditioning course teachable analytics
Happy with our work?

“Right Hook did not disappoint, they developed multiple brand options for our new company and worked tirelessly to perfect our chosen option. They have done an incredible job, to say the least, and it has been a pleasure to work with them – they are quick to answer questions and go the extra mile when it comes to all aspects of the process.”

Jason Curtis Strength And Conditioning Course Owner